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Our Vision


The St. Augustine family uses its joyful spirit and soulful authentic liturgy to create opportunities for holiness and service to the community so that we can bring the love of Christ to the world.


Mass Schedule

Sunday 9:00 AM


Saturday Adoration 9:00 (Rectory)




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Dear Parish Family,


 The All Things New initiative is a process that will allow us to renew our commitment to Christ through prayer, effective evangelization and discernment of what changes and sacrifices need to be made for the renewal of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese.  We know that the plan will include a restructuring of Archdiocese in order to have a greater utilization of parish and education resources. The first thing that we think about is what does this mean for St. Augustine? Instead of asking that question, ask what kind of parish will we need in the future.  We will be guided by the Holy Spirit and your participation with others in the Archdiocese discernment process.  Archbishop Rozanski has assured us that All Things New will affect and be completed by the entire Archdiocese.  The initiative will impact every parish and institution in the Archdiocese.  There is also a commitment to maintaining a Catholic presence for every square mile of the Archdiocese.


To help lead us through the process each parish has five Key Parish Leaders (KPL).  Our KPL’s are:  Kathy Beasley, Stacy Johnson, Simeon Layne, Roberta McWoods and Cecelia Shipps-Anukwe.  Their role is to inform, validate and/or refine information for the parish.  They will also participate in consultation sessions and provide summaries of sessions. 


If you have access please go to the All Things New website,  On the site you can learn more about the initiative, view the timeline and subscribe to the mailing list so that you can stay up-to-date.  


We begin this initiative with confidence that the Lord will lead and guide us to a vibrant future at St. Augustine and the Archdiocese.  With the Lord’s permission let us make All Things New!


Love, Fr.Bob

We are now offering Online Giving!  This convenient new system does not require you to contact your bank to sign up or to make changes. You can use any of your checking or savings accounts and the funds will be automatically transferred to our parish bank account. This system is more convenient for the parish than electronic checks from your bank. And it’s convenient for you because you can make changes at any time. You can see reports on your contribution history and generate tax statements at each year’s end. Click the "Online Giving" button below to get started!

MyParish App

 St. Augustine Catholic Church has launched our own app for iPhone and Android smart phones. This allows us to better communicate with you throughout the week and keep you updated with relevant parish news or updates. The app is very well designed and very intuitive. It will be a great resource for parishioners by providing daily Mass readings, Catholic news and prayers, convenient prayer and Confession reminders, our bulletins and more.

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