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By God's Grace, All Will Be Well

In February of 2012 the greater than 100 year old structure of St. Augustine Catholic Church began to crumble.  This threatened the safety of parishioners and the existence of the parish.  There are critical needs in all of the the buildings of the parish.  The major component of the restoration is t address ongoing wind and water damage to the aging church.  Since this damage has already thretened safety it is imperative that there is immediate attention to the church structure.

The Archdiocese responded with a $20,000 contribution to the repairs.  However, this does not come close to meeting the entire cost of repaires.  Completion of all the necessary repairs is estimated at $125,000.

Monsignor Gettinger and the "By God's Grace All Will Be Well Committee launched a three year campaign that will include individual pledges from St. Augustine Family members and targeted fundraising.

In January 2016, we ended the campaigne to make significant repairs to the Church and surrounding buildings.  This included, tuck pointing, boiler and airconditioning repair, work on the bell tower, plastering and painting in the church hall and building deck and fire exit in the rectory.  

Pledge Drive

Since January 2013  Seventy-eight (80) St. Augustine families have pledge to contribute over $50,000.


Contributions from pledges and parishioners - 62,367.93

Contributions from the community - $30,993.00

Contributions from Msgr. Gettinger's Celebration - $33,796.71

Pastor's Pen - $8,159.00


Total to Building Fund - $135,316.64


May God bless all who have contributed and continue to contribute to our goal of  $125,00.00


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